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InternCLE Episode 012 - Intern Spotlight - Emma Kramer

June 14, 2019 Season 1 Episode 15
InternCLE Podcast
InternCLE Episode 012 - Intern Spotlight - Emma Kramer
InternCLE Podcast
InternCLE Episode 012 - Intern Spotlight - Emma Kramer
Jun 14, 2019 Season 1 Episode 15
Annette Kramer/Emma Kramer
InternCLE - Episode 12 - Hear from Emma Kramer how having 4 internships helped her hone in on her career goals.
Show Notes

Emma Kramer – Ohio University Graduate

Majored in Visual Communications (Information Design Publications) for Magazine Design or Graphic Design work.

1st Internship – Lake Erie Crushers – found her love for sports and marketing

Post internship she added a Marketing minor, steering away from graphic design and fell in love with social media and digital marketing

Started looking for internships at the end of her 1st semester freshman year.  Landed her first internship in February.  

Emma needed 400-hour internship completed before she graduated as part of her program – so she started early.  She also wanted multiple internships because she wanted to narrow down what she wanted to focus on in her career. 

Resources to find internship: LinkedIn, Twitter and Teamwork Online - Teamwork Online targets sports related internships and jobs. 

Sports is usually unpaid internships, so she initially stayed close to home/school. Some give stipends – Columbus Crew provided a stipend monthly.   Sports internships are usually different from day to day and could require evening and weekend work for events. 

Want to break into a sports internship – Emma’s advice is to work your network. Make the time to meet people in the industry and make connections. Ohio University Scripp’s college offers networking opportunities – it’s good practice. 

Emma wants employers to engage students in their learning and internship experiences – ask them what they want to learn and help push to get them those opportunities.  She also thinks it is valuable for the interns to work together or near each other.  Help the interns build connections with those peers. 

Emma loves Cleveland and while her new full-time gig isn’t here, she does hope to find an opportunity in Cleveland someday.  Emma feels Cleveland is appealing to recent grads and said she feels our “competition” is Columbus and Chicago.  Emma’s favorite places are Cleveland is Progressive Field, the Cleveland Museum of Art and the West Side Market. 

See this week's blog for information on the many ways to get outside this summer in Cleveland.

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Keep on Rocking Cleveland! 


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