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InternCLE Episode 022 - thunder::tech

August 23, 2019 Season 1 Episode 25
InternCLE Podcast
InternCLE Episode 022 - thunder::tech
InternCLE Podcast
InternCLE Episode 022 - thunder::tech
Aug 23, 2019 Season 1 Episode 25
Annette Kramer/Jason Therrien
InternCLE - Episode 22 - Hear from Jason Therrien how thunder::tech provides rewarding experiences in marketing and design.
Show Notes

InternCLE podcast Episode 022:  thunder::tech and Jason Therrien

thunder::tech is an integrated marketing agency that connects the THUNDER of rampant creativity with the TECH of innovative systems to accelerate middle-market and enterprise brands into the future. We use this balanced approach to mix the artistry of advertising and branding with the science of data and technology.

Just under 50 employees in the Cleveland office.  They run a year-round internship program that has been around for about 18 years.  They have worked to build relationships at all the local colleges – connecting to career services and professors as well. Their internship is a talent pipeline that has paid off especially in times like this, where the hiring market is tight. Jason himself had great internship experiences himself and saw the value in that.  

Onboarding at thunder::tech is about 2 weeks for the interns, with full time hiring going through more. The core values of the company are introduced during the interview process to be sure the candidate fits with those core values. “I cannot teach character” 

thunder::tech hears from their interns, that they have learned more in their internship than they have in school thus far.  Students step in during client meetings, they are expected to do actual deliverable work. Students are not on their own, they are working side by side with full time team members.  

Each intern gets exposure to every single department and team. thunder:tech looks for “courageous curiosity” in their team members.  It is a requirement of their interns and new hires and represents their approach to keep their skills sharp, asking questions. 

Jason’s advice to companies considering creating an internship program – “Just do it” don’t wait for the perfect time or perfect programming.  Jump in!


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