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InternCLE Episode 026 - NOCHE - Holly Harris Bane

September 20, 2019 Season 1 Episode 28
InternCLE Podcast
InternCLE Episode 026 - NOCHE - Holly Harris Bane
InternCLE Podcast
InternCLE Episode 026 - NOCHE - Holly Harris Bane
Sep 20, 2019 Season 1 Episode 28
Annette Kramer/Holly Harris Bane
InternCLE - Episode 25 - Learn all about what NOCHE has to offer employers and students alike!
Show Notes

InternCLE Episode 026 – Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education – Holly Harris Bane

NOCHE or the Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education has been around for 65 years.  NOCHE was formed by business leaders in the Cleveland metropolitan area concerned about the talent supply in NEO.  It was involved in the creation of Cleveland State and what became Case Western Reserve University.  It’s mission and outreach has evolved over time.  Under Holly’s leadership her goal is to maximize the relationship between employers and institutes of higher learning to ensure students are learning the skills that are in demand in the region.  

Career Connections for Information Technology and Cybersecurity is an upcoming event. - Career Connections Expo – Oct 22nd at the IX Center

· – Linking Talent to Opportunity in IT & Cybersecurity 1:30-5pm 

· – Innovations and Alignment in IT and Cybersecurity Education 1-3pm 

Training program/workshop for employers who would like to learn how to create an internship program. 

·         Maximize your Intern and Entry Talent ROI - October 2nd 9am-3:30pm 

NOCHE trains 150-200 companies per year through this program.  NOCHE is targeting small to medium sized companies for their internship training more recently. 

NOCHE has been working hard on the demand side with employers to reach down into high schools as well to get students thinking about internships and companies in Northeast Ohio.  They also work with the supply side with the high schools and college career centers to encourage students to want to do internships in the region. 

NOCHE partners with organizations all over Northeast Ohio and is moving their headquarters downtown to the TeamNEO offices. 

Holly feels that this region has a good deal going for it.  The most marketable aspects of our region are our institutions of higher learning and our multinational companies.  There are many companies engaged with education in the internship and research spaces. 

NEO Talent Exchange – “Not your father’s job board” – This is a matching program that aligns students with opportunities in the region. 

NOCHE The Expys – See the winners from 2019 -

Nominations will open this fall for the 10th annual NOCHE The Expys awards.   In partnership with Contempo Communication ( , NOCHE has celebrated companies, students, supervisors and advisors in the internship space in Northeast Ohio.   There are opportunities to sponsor this anniversary event.  Information will be coming soon.   The awards luncheon will be Wednesday April 10th, the 2nd Wednesday of April. 


·         National Association of Colleges and Employers

·         Marc Freedman - 


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