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InternCLE Episode 027 - Intern Spotlight - Nick Kopycinski

September 27, 2019 Season 1 Episode 31
InternCLE Podcast
InternCLE Episode 027 - Intern Spotlight - Nick Kopycinski
InternCLE Podcast
InternCLE Episode 027 - Intern Spotlight - Nick Kopycinski
Sep 27, 2019 Season 1 Episode 31
Annette Kramer
InternCLE Episode 27 - Hear how Nick Kopycinski of The Ohio State University set his sites on a career as a Mechanical Engineer.
Show Notes

InternCLE Episode 027 - Intern Interview – Nick Kopycinski


Nick is a student at The Ohio State University in his senior year, studying Mechanical Engineering.  I saw Nick’s posting on LinkedIn about the internship experience he had at Lincoln Electric and messaged him to see if he would consider being interviewed for the show.  He was kind enough to say yes.  Nick is a bright young man, whose future will be bright – and in the CLE no less! 

Nick used internships to identify the specific areas of Mechanical engineering that he is interested in.  Nick has worked in 3 companies and completed 5 semesters of internships.  He has completed co-ops during the school year and in the summer.  

Nick began his internship search early.  He went to the career fair his Freshman year.  Early on he looked just for his “1st job” and then as time went on, he was able to be more intentional about what he was looking for in an experience.  For Nick, It was important for him that a company or internship program would trust him to contribute.  He wanted to be provided the opportunity to complete valuable work and he wanted to learn more about the careers in a Mechanical Engineering field. 

His first internship was with Lincoln Electric, in a manufacturing setting.  Next he interned in a product design position.   Nick learned that the pace was faster in the manufacturing setting, because product design can often be a long process it takes time to see the finished product.  His internships have given Nick the confidence in his chosen career path.  
Nick has enjoyed working in Columbus, Canton and Cleveland.  Cost of living attracts him to the region, as well as the current energy of the cities. 

Nick encourages involvement in student organizations that are related to your chosen profession.  Nick gives interns the advice to use your downtime well, don’t sit around on social media – go to your supervisor to get something to do.  

For employers, he says keep people busy and stay involved with the internship experience.  Students need these experiences to learn about their profession.  It is hard for an intern to approach an employer and express that they are not learning or enjoying the experience.  Promote learning too, whether its workshops or lunch and learns.  Interns who have good experiences, return as stronger new hires. 

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