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InternCLE Episode 014 - Quicken Loans - Carolyn Valco

June 28, 2019 Annette Kramer/Carolyn Valco Season 1 Episode 17
InternCLE Podcast
InternCLE Episode 014 - Quicken Loans - Carolyn Valco
Show Notes

InternCLE podcast Episode: 014 Quicken Loans – Carolyn Valco

Quicken Loans is the #1 mortgage lender in the US

Quicken has about 1,000 interns throughout the summer across multiple locations.  Interns can select from professional development classes of all levels in addition to social programming.  City tours, networking events and the Quicken interns do have real work as well.  Intern Newsletter based on location you are in – highlights what’s going on in the city for the weekend. 

The “Why?” for Quicken’s internship program is truly a pipeline for talent.  Carolyn indicated they are intentional about each intern hire, looking for corporate and cultural fit.  11% of the Quicken team are former interns, who often get involved in internship programming. 

They also offer weeklong externships as well – student athletes for example tend to take advantage of these opportunities.  Currently offer high school internships in the Detroit area and often take freshmen and sophomores as well across their other locations.  

“ism’s” day – Corporate statements that speak to the purpose, mission and culture that Dan Gilbert is trying to establish in his organization. They have put together a book of these “ism’s”.

Quicken uses an intranet site for the interns as a resource and place to go to find out about the events that summer.   Carolyn and her team sit down with the leaders to determine where the interns will go and that the leaders are prepared for the internship. They use a leader expectation meeting each year to set the tone for the summer.  There is also a leader guide to the internship. 

“Everything that we do with our program is very intentional” – Carolyn Valco