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InternCLE Episode 019 - Medical Mutual - Susan Denton

August 02, 2019 Annette Kramer/Susan Denton Season 1 Episode 22
InternCLE Podcast
InternCLE Episode 019 - Medical Mutual - Susan Denton
Show Notes

InternCLE podcast Episode: 019 – Medical Mutual – Susan Denton

Susan has been with Medical Mutual for the last 4 years.   Her background in teaching has helped her in the recruiting process. Medical Mutual has had an intern for some time.  Most summers there are between 20-35 interns.  A good portion of them are in the Information Technology space. 21 this year are in the IT area.   Interns are located in their downtown and Strongsville offices, but oriented downtown.  Medical Mutual’s internship is a pipeline for talent.  

The internships are primarily a summer internship, however some students at local colleges may continue to work at Medical Mutual.  Medical Mutual looks for strong communication skills in internship candidates. 

Interns go through a strength’s assessment at the beginning of the summer that they can use when they meet with their managers to set their goals.  They are also assigned 3 projects for the internship: a final presentation, a networking exercise and a mid-summer essay. Interns also have a volunteer day each year as well.  Medical Mutual has a strong community of giving in its organization. MMO also has a Cleveland day for their interns where they take a tour and do a scavenger hunt in Cleveland. 

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