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InternCLE Episode 042 - Baldwin Wallace - Patrick Keebler

April 10, 2020 Annette Kramer Season 1 Episode 46
InternCLE Podcast
InternCLE Episode 042 - Baldwin Wallace - Patrick Keebler
Show Notes

InternCLE Episode 041 – Baldwin Wallace 

Patrick Keebler - Director of Career Services

Patrick Keebler is the Director of Career Services at BW.  He came to Northeast Ohio from Tennessee by way of New York.  His deep experience in the Career Services field has brought much to the table at BW. 

Baldwin Wallace attracts students from all over the country, but they have a large population of students that stay in the region.  All of their programs require at least 30 hours of experiential learning. Students at BW complete a career action plan over their years at BW which helps that identify their career aspirations and to develop the skills that they need to be ready for their professions. 

BW uses Handshake to connect students to employers.  It is also adding a Cleveland based tool called Wisr to it’s toolbelt as well to keep Alumni connected to students and employers.  They also offer micro internships though Parker Dewey

BW is part of the Ohio Federation of Independent Colleges, through which students can explore careers at local companies at career days.  

Patrick stated that employers need to think long term about their engagement with colleges.  Alumni from internship programs make excellent ambassadors, as students value the opinions and experiences of their classmates.  Alumni can return as Career Champions to campus as well.  Employers use fun and interactive ways to engage with students.  Patrick encourages hiring teams to make the experience as personal as possible and to be responsive. 

As career services methodology and approaches have evolved over the years, Patrick noted that the focus now is on life design.  Career services has become a mission critical role at colleges and is seeking to help students view their career journey through intentional eyes.  To learn more about BW reach out to the career services team - (440) 826-2101,

Managing Stress and Worry during a Crisis - According to the CDC

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