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InternCLE Episode 044 - Greater Cleveland Sports Commission and Adulting: A Crash Course

May 08, 2020 Annette Kramer Season 1 Episode 48
InternCLE Podcast
InternCLE Episode 044 - Greater Cleveland Sports Commission and Adulting: A Crash Course
Show Notes

InternCLE Episode Greater Cleveland Sports Commission – Matt Sajna

Matt Sajna, a Miami University Baseball Alumni, interned with the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission.  He was hired out of that internship and now runs their internship program. 

“Cleveland is undeniably a sports town. When a sporting event comes to Northeast Ohio, our community delivers.  We’re proud of our growing national reputation as a notable sports destination. Our stadiums and arenas are within walking distance to the heart of our downtown. In addition to many upscale hotels, our convention center offers ample space to host or expand your events’ footprint.”

GCSC runs 3 internship periods – spring, summer, fall.  They usually have around 5-6 interns.  There are some events that will cause them to hire more interns or have volunteers. Internship consists of office time and event time.  They are part time, flexible hours – are not paid (they are a non profit).  Interns are able to balance their work hours around their school schedule or other part time jobs.  

GCSC provides their interns connections to opportunities in CLE and many professional development opportunities.   Matt sources often through Teamwork Online  – a sports specific job board. 

Matt’s advice for companies who are looking to create an internship program: connect with others in the region to learn and start with your “why?”.  

Around Town: 

Adulting: A Crash Course

Candace Swaisgood has a background in HR and created her company based on her own experiences.  There were things she didn’t know as she entered adulthood and now she brings her Adulting content to students and young professionals.  She partners with companies to deliver content for their internship teams and young professionals groups.  She is currently offering a free series of online web classes.  Check them out here

Gratitude - It's Mother's Day this weekend! 

Thank you to my mom, Arlene Vukcevic.  Arlene helped me attain my first internship in Accounts Payable at Medical Mutual of Ohio, where she worked at the time.  She always encouraged me to network, be professional and career minded.  That internship lead to an internship at Arthur Andersen (my dream job) and the rest is history.  I truly think my passion for the power of internships is rooted in that first experience at Medical Mutual, so thank you Mom! Love you!