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InternCLE Episode 045 - Kent State University - Kristin Williams

May 22, 2020 Annette Kramer Season 1 Episode 49
InternCLE Podcast
InternCLE Episode 045 - Kent State University - Kristin Williams
Show Notes

InternCLE Episode Kent State University - Kristin Williams Executive Director, Career Exploration and Development

Kristin has had several rolls at Kent.  This gives her a unique perspective in her roll as Director of Career Exploration and Development.  Kristin mentioned that she has seen a trend toward Career Services across the university meeting to strategize and get on the same page.  The student half and employer outreach portion of those services work together in a more focused way today then they ever have.  Career services has expanded beyond resumes and interview techniques.  

“Students want to walk away with connections.  They want build their social capital” – on the need to link student interest to employer engagement and connection. 

Every student graduates Kent with some sort of experiential learning opportunity, it is part of the program at Kent.  Kent takes that requirement as a directive to help connect those students to opportunities and support students in their search. 

Some students have a natural anxiety of getting started in their search for an internship.  Kent provides them guidance on “how to” search for an internship.  Opportunities in creative fields are found differently than those in the business school, for example.  Kent also helps students explore the careers they are interested in. 

Kent offers etiquette dinners to connect students and employers.  They partnered with Community Engaged Learning to create a new experiential networking opportunity.  Students and employers volunteer side by side making meals.  The unique opportunity creates space for interesting conversations and connections.  

Kent state has Flashternships – job shadowing opportunities coordinated through the university with Northeast Ohio employers.  

Employers can post jobs on handshake, attend career fairs and engage at Kent State University in so many ways.  Contact Career Exploration and Development to speak with Kristin’s team and learn more about how you can engage across the departments at the University.  Kent State is a large University and they recognize that.  They will help you navigate the departments to maximize your recruiting time and dollars, along your journey to find the talent you need.  

Kristin expressed how proud she is of the way Kent and her team has responded to the current COVID-19 crisis.   Kent is working hard to reach out to students and help them find internships if they have lost them. 

Time and time again, in these interviews I record – I am impressed by the true passion that exists around the internship space.  Cleveland is an amazingly supportive region and I am so happy to get the opportunity to meet people like Kristin Williams.  

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