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InternCLE Episode 046 - Parker Dewey - Jeffrey Moss

June 05, 2020 Annette Kramer Season 1 Episode 50
InternCLE Podcast
InternCLE Episode 046 - Parker Dewey - Jeffrey Moss
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InternCLE Episode 046 Parker Dewey – Jeffrey Moss

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Jeffrey Moss describes himself as an accidental entrepreneur.  In his previous careers he saw students experience difficulties finding work after college without the right internship experiences.  He also saw employers with projects that needed to be done, that could provide an opportunity for students to learn and develop the skills employers are looking for.  The concept of a “micro-internship” was born and so was Parker Dewey.  Micro-internships are small projects that companies essentially “farm out” to qualified college students.  These are professional projects, not making copies or getting coffee.  Students earn a good wage and learn skills while working on these valuable experiences.  

Parker Dewey still believes that a 10-12-week summer internship or co-op is an important and valuable experience.  Micro-internships can provide additional experiences and skill development to build a resume, augment skills and help students experience multiple employers and careers. 

Parker Dewey has created an easy to use online platform to connect students and employers through these micro-internship opportunities.  Students can create a profile very quickly.  Any college student or recent grad can participate. 

Parker Dewey also wanted to make it easy for employers as well.  Employers do not have to deal with payroll setups, fees are processed through Parker Dewey.   The students are contractors through Parker Dewey.  If a student completes an internship for a company and the company decides to hire the student there are no hire fees.  This is not a staffing firm.  Employers who have “we should….” Or “I shouldn’t be doing…” projects are ideal for micro-internships.  Micro-internships can also help companies explore new Colleges or student populations where they have not previously engaged. 

Parker Dewey’s logo represents the three key stake holders in their business.  The Companies, the Colleges & Universities, and the Career Launchers (students and recent grads).  

For companies:

  • Support immediate resource needs
  • Access diverse candidates
  • Leverage the skills of college students and recent grads
  • Improve hiring outcomes
  • Decrease onboarding and training costs
  • Increase flexibility

 For career launchers: 

  • Work on interesting projects
  • Develop relationships with potential employers
  • Gain valuable experience
  • Explore career options
  • Demonstrate your capabilities
  • Generate income

 For Colleges & Universities:

  • Improve student placement
  • Refine program curriculum
  • Deepen alumni engagement
  • Expand relationships with existing and prospective employers
  • Enhance academic outcomes
  • Drive enrollment success

The Parker Dewey Blog is full of useful resources for employers and students alike - 

If you are looking to create and internship program check out their Internships 101 site

Moving to a Remote internship and need some help, check out their Remote Internships 101 site

Gratitude today - Thank you to Alyssa Angeletti and the 6 Vizion360 interns for an amazing week of virtual onboarding!