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InternCLE Episode 048 - Internship 2020 Stories from the Vizion360 Interns

July 03, 2020 Annette Kramer/Vizion360 Interns Season 1 Episode 52
InternCLE Podcast
InternCLE Episode 048 - Internship 2020 Stories from the Vizion360 Interns
Show Notes

This week on the InternCLE podcast (, we hear from 5 interns about how their summer was impacted by the current pandemic. The Interns of the Vizion360 Connect! Internship program are Breanna Garan, Heather Thompson, Kieran Papalia, Madeline Hiros and Taylor Nowak.  The program coordinator for Connect! is Alyssa Angeletti.  

Breanna shares how her existing internship went remote. Heather, Kieran, Madeline and Taylor share their thoughts on waiting to hear if they would still have an internship, remote onboarding and so much more.

If you would like to understand what the Vizion360 Connect! Summer internship program is like in non-pandemic years - tune into Episode #1 of the podcast as Alyssa Angeletti shares the Vizion360 (formerly branded as Vizion Solutions) story. (

Coming soon on the show. I have asked a panel of employers to share their experiences this summer trying to manage an internship program in a crisis. We will hear about internships being delayed, going remote and so much more.

Around Town:
The Cleveland Plain Dealer just announced the Top Work Places awards for 2020. Several of these companies have been highlighted on our show:

▪ | Congratulations to Union Home Mortgage Episode #2 - (
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▪ | Congratulations to Vizion360 Episode #1 - see above
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I hope I didn't miss anyone - if you are a winner and have not highlighted your internship on the podcast - get in touch - I would love to hear your internship story and I am willing to bet our listeners will too!

Check out this link to the list of winners here - (