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InternCLE Episode 054 - Lavish Color Salon - Tracey Watts Cirino

September 25, 2020 Annette Kramer/Tracey Watts Cirino Season 1 Episode 54
InternCLE Podcast
InternCLE Episode 054 - Lavish Color Salon - Tracey Watts Cirino
Show Notes

InternCLE Episode  054 Lavish Color Salon Tracey Watts Cirino


About Lavish Color Salon:

Lavish Color Salon is a full-service salon here in Northeast Ohio.  Tracey noted that she always wanted the experience at her salon to be top notch in addition to extraordinary cut and color skills.   The salon was recently honored by Salon Today.  Culture is key in their hiring process and Tracey provides her team members with training and development.   

About the internship experience:

Interns at Lavish can come from high school cosmetology programs or through an associate program for those that have just received their license.  Tracey noted that most programs do not provide enough training on soft skills, confidence, or business skills.  Tracey supplements their technical training to address the gaps.  Training for interns at Lavish includes books (Tracey wrote her own on the topic of professional skills – Beyond Common see her website to learn more -, manuals, video training, in person training and mentoring.  Successful interns at Lavish must be willing – to learn, to serve and to work hard. 

To source interns for the business side of her salon, she has partnered with local colleges to source marketing and administrative roles.  Tracey is looking for ways to standardize her hiring and internship program.  

Tracey is well connected in her industry and looks to give back to other business owners.  She is even creating workshops for business owners. 

Virtual Results Training Workshop for the Beyond Common Business Owner Coming up on Monday Oct 12th.  Here is the link- 

Here are the details: 

  • Event Date & Time: Monday October 12th from 11 am - 2 pm EST
  • Hosted via Zoom
  • Small Business Results Panel Featuring: Tracey Watts Cirino, Anjua Maximo, Tina Black & Lisa Crilley Mallis
  • Hardcover Copy of Beyond Common "12 Essentials to Success in Life and the Workplace"
  • Downloadable Success Tracking Workbook

How to connect or follow Tracey or the Salon –