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InternCLE Episode 057 - CleveMed - Hani Kayyali & 2020 Recap

December 18, 2020 Annette Kramer
InternCLE Podcast
InternCLE Episode 057 - CleveMed - Hani Kayyali & 2020 Recap
Show Notes

Our guest this week on the show is Hani Kayyali – President & CEO of CleveMed -

From their website – Mr. Kayyali has over 25 years medical device experience. Mr. Kayyali has been president of CleveMed since 2005. He successfully transitioned the company from a research firm to a fast growing company … As a result, CleveMed developed a wide array of sleep products and web-based solutions that are leading the market with consistent double digit growth rates.

Cleveland Medical Devices Inc. is leading the way in services and devices for portable sleep disorders testing. From monitors for home sleep apnea testing to full polysomnography (PSG), to fulfillment services directly to patients’ homes (SleepView Direct), we aim to improve the delivery of care and expand the reach of sleep medicine. Our web-based services and devices meet clinical guidelines for sleep apnea testing, are easy for patients to use, streamline operations for healthcare providers, and offer-cost efficient solutions for payers.

The pandemic shifted the business of sleep testing more toward home testing.  CleveMed has almost quadrupled the size of their business in the past 10-11 months.  CleveMed is an almost 40 person company with about 15 of those being interns right now.  

Hani expressed that his biggest concern during the pandemic is that his team and their interns have stayed healthy.  Interns are important to CleveMed for 2 reasons.  First, staff augmentation during their rapid growth has been one reason for having interns on the team.  The second reason CleveMed employs interns, is to provide valuable work experience to students.  Throughout our discussion, Hani’s passion for giving back in this way was evident. “It’s a win-win situation” – Hani

CleveMed typically hires about 5 or 6 interns at any one time.  There are 15 interns now, given their growth.  Interns work for a long time, often over a year.  In order for students to work for an extended period Hani focuses on hiring local and working around student’s college course schedule.  Students in health sciences and engineering are the most common internship majors on the team.  The engineering students help make the monitors and test them.   On the health sciences side, interns speak with patients and help schedule sleep tests.  Communications skills are important. 

“Be kind to patients” – the driving guideline for everything CleveMed does. 

One of the interns helped redesign the manufacturing floor layout in order to handle spacing requirements for COVID.  This was an example of the way CleveMed encourages interns to help out, speak up and bring their ideas to the table. 

CleveMed does hire heavily from Cleveland State University because of proximity and due to the quality of the students they have been able to find there.  Certainly, CleveMed hires from other universities as well, but they have been very pleased with their CSU students.  

I enjoyed our discussion, because we were able to talk honestly about the challenges small businesses have with internships.   Often small businesses have difficulty with paying competitive wages.  Another challenge we discussed was the distraction of social media and cell phones. 

“The interns help create the internship program” – Hani  

For Hani, the most rewarding thing about the program is when the CleveMed internship contributes to a student landing their first job or getting into graduate school. Hani’s favorite places in Cleveland – the Atrium in the Art Museum and the Winking Lizard restaurant.

To learn more about internships at CleveMed – you can reach out to Hani and his team via email at – or call 877-CLEVEMED