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InternCLE Episode 001 - Vizion Solutions - Alyssa Angeletti

April 05, 2019 Annette Kramer/Alyssa Angeletti Season 1 Episode 2
InternCLE Podcast
InternCLE Episode 001 - Vizion Solutions - Alyssa Angeletti
Show Notes

Alyssa Angeletti -Vizion Solutions

Twitter @Vizion_Solution 

I tried to address it in the interview but trying to objectively interview Alyssa was a little awkward.  We work together everyday and I knew all the answers to the questions.  I wanted her to answer them for herself. Let’s hope you think it worked! Enjoy!

Vizion Solutions is a leading IT Consulting firm in the Cleveland, Ohio Business Intelligence and Data Analytics space.  The Connect! internship was created in 2013. They hire 2-3 interns a summer and do hire out of the Connect! program. Typically, from Miami University, Ohio University and the University of Akron.  Primarily focused on technology students. 

What makes a good intern – attitude and aptitude 

  • Attitude – fit the culture, work hard and be excited to walk in the door every day.
  • Aptitude – on campus involvement, GPA and time management, ability to learn. 

What makes Connect! great – hands on experience – “chair to chair with some of the brightest technologists in Cleveland”, teamwork oriented, fun stuff they do around Cleveland – Indians game, volunteer at the Greater Cleveland Foodbank, Edgewater live, Wade Oval Wednesday, Cleveland Corporate Challenge

What happens day one – HR paperwork – a necessary evil.  Policies, consulting 101 – “laying the groundwork for what it’s like to live and breathe in our company.”  Day 2 – exposure to the sales team and other areas of the company Day 3 – hit the ground running!   

What challenges are there to running the program – Differences in learning speeds and styles of the interns.  Getting students to track their time. Teaches students time management skills.

Toastmasters International is an organization that promotes the development of communication and leadership skills. 

Tips for creating a program from scratch – Connect with other HR professionals.  Have a plan for the summer.  Share the calendar and plan. Coffee and donuts for day one or a cake makes it a special start. Instill a culture of open discussion for the students – encourage them to ask questions.  Perhaps use mid-internship check in and final review at the end of the summer.   “Don’t try and do it all” “small tweaks here and there”

What is rewarding about the internship program?  Taking past interns to dinner with interns that have accepted offers while we are recruiting on campus.  “it’s always a great feeling on a personal letter to give somebody and offer and have them come back and accept it.”  

Resources: LinkedIn for Recruiting, SHRM and Google!  Social media: Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Facebook – students look at these sites to learn about the companies they are applying to. 

If you are thinking about starting a program – “Do it!” Alyssa is happy to network with HR professionals that want to hear more about the program. “I know it is intimidating from a small company stand point, but you have to take the leap”

I really enjoyed hearing about the Vizion Solutions internship program from Alyssa’s perspective and there are plenty of takeaways for HR professionals