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InternCLE Episode 002 - Union Home Mortgage - Ashley Rivera

April 05, 2019 Annette Kramer/Ashley Rivera Season 1 Episode 3
InternCLE Podcast
InternCLE Episode 002 - Union Home Mortgage - Ashley Rivera
Show Notes

Intern CLE Podcast - Episode 002

Ashley Rivera of Union Home Mortgage

Twitter @UnionHomeMtg  

Ashley is currently the campus recruiting team lead at Union Home Mortgage – they are an Independent Mortgage Company with 190 branches across 35 states - Headquarters in Strongsville, Ohio.  Their plan is for 64 interns this summer.

Bill Cosgrove CEO “this is his vision” – good management support

Where UHM recruits – tends to stick to Northeast Ohio, personalized on campus events, Kent State brought students to UHM as part of their business trek, posting on handshake and their website.  “Very referral driven now”

What is UHM looking for in students? “We are more about the person that you are” , teamwork driven,  “we are very collaborative”, hardworking – industry is fast moving and changes a lot.  Interns should ask questions. 

What makes the UHM program special? Exposure to senior leadership, interns sit in on the senior leadership weekly meeting, interns can ask questions at the meeting as well.  Real life work!  “brought into the day to day”   

Primarily a summer internship, some may work part time in the fall and the spring.  They do hire out of their internship program – 41 hires to date. 

Biggest challenge(s) – “Our brand” competing against big companies and well-known brands is a challenge for Union Home Mortgage.  

If you were starting from scratch to create an internship program – hire someone to have it be their full-time job to run the internship – or have a dedicated resource – to create a long-standing program.  

Most rewarding part of the program – hired 41 interns into full time, grown the departments – growth as a company. Average age of the company has come down and the industry is an aging industry – good balance to industry trends. 

Ideas implemented from the internship suggestions or work – interns working in the compliance department researched and interviewed vendors, documented and presented the preferred vendor to the CEO 

Ashley’s personally grateful for ability to grow and build her skills since she began at UHM.   Has a PR background not HR and is thankful for the partners that work at UHM – “I couldn’t do this by myself, this isn’t a one man show”. 

Interns suggested the names for the internship program.  L.E.A.D. acronym for the internship.  “We help our interns Learn, Educate them on the mortgage industry and corporate landscape, encourage them to Achieve their goals and help Develop their leadership skills. As an Intern Partner, you'll have the opportunity to get involved in meaningful projects and gain hands-on experience in the various fields of an award-winning mortgage company. You'll work hard, have fun and leave the program ready to take on the world.”

Orientation – 1st day offsite – all the senior leadership comes for breakfast. 

Union Home Foundation - volunteerism - Interns do a day of service – last summer paired with 5 different non-profits.  

Union Home Mortgage is a finalist for the EXPYS again this year, last year they won Best Large Company internship program in Cleveland.